CCHL, AAA Prep and Contact Clinic

Cavanagh Sensplex • Kanta Recreation Centre

When: March 26 - April 5
Who: Players eligible for AAA 2018/19 season

Dates, Times, and Locations

March 26 • 5:00pm - 7:00pm • Cavanagh Sensplex
March 30 • 6:00pm - 8:00pm • Cavanagh Sensplex
April 2 • 6:00pm - 8:00pm • Cavanagh Sensplex
April 5 • 5:00pm - 6:00pm • KRC

Cost: $215
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2005/06 Contact Program & AAA Prep Camp

Overview:  Understanding how to use your body to protect yourself, protect the puck and separate opponents from the puck are crucial to being a safe and effective player. Our program is based around the principle of putting safety first and using your body as a tool to increase your effectiveness as a player.

The contact program will be 4-5 hours of the total duration of the camp, with the remaining portion changing gears to blend in with the intensity of the AAA prep program.

3 focus areas are:

Player Safety- While all contact sports have an inherent danger we try to minimize this through proper education. Educating players on how to protect themselves (and others) from dangerous contact situations is always at the forefront. We train players on: how to receive contact safely, how to give safe/clean contact, the danger areas on the ice and situations where you should never give contact or leave yourself vulnerable for contact.

Technique- Contact is also a tool in the game that must be mastered to be an effective player. Building on our safety content of the program players will be introduced to effectively separate players from the puck. Typically it is not the “impact” of a hit that makes contact effective but rather the technique that goes into that hit.  As the end goal with contact should always be to separate the opponent from the puck, ultimately increasing puck possession for the player and their team. 

Game application- We put players in game-like situations to simulate “live” action. Confidence will be gained with building awareness and being able to recognize how to use contact in specific game scenarios. Receiving immediate feedback lends directly to players recognition of these situations during actual game play while increasing the player’s comfort level with contact.

Body Contact sports comes with inherent dangers. The unfortunate reality of contact sports is there will likely be injuries along the way in every player’s career. Our goal is to help give players the necessary tools and knowledge to minimize risk and the potential for injury—all the while adding to their overall effectiveness as a player.

2004 AAA Prep and 2003+ CCHL Prep

The 7 hours of training will be uptempo game situational training.  We will be create an environment for the players to compete in battles, game like situations and refine position specific skills. 

Our schedule is purpose built to give players the gradual preparation towards the CJHL showcase and the AAA Spring Evaluations.  

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