RINGETTE - Skating Treadmill & On-ice Camps

Stittsville • Complete Hockey Development Centre • 145 Iber Road

When: July 30 - August 3
Who:  All players permitted
Cost: $229 
Register: Click here to register

Specific Dates & Times

July 30 - August 3 - 12:00 - 4:15pm • RINGETTE only


The Next Generation HKY training facility is a one-stop shop for players who are looking to get a little more out of there upcoming season. Through the use of all the resources at our disposal, this camp will cover all aspects of a player’s game and is like nothing ever offered in Ottawa before.
Treadmill—Efficient, Explosive Skating
It is no secret that a player’s ability to skate plays a large role in determining how effective of a player they are. The ability to win foot races leads to more ring possessions and therefore more opportunities and success for both players and teams. The treadmill allows us to isolate and correct every element of the player’s stride—while the four high speed cameras give instant feedback for each player. This allows players to relate the coach’s teaching points while visually seeing themselves training on our 55” TVs and 6x8 mirror. Increasing DPS (Distance per stride), stride extension, stride recovery, arm swing, foot speed and edgework are all elements that will be covered in the treadmill training sessions each day.
On-Ice Ring Confidence

Most of a player’s ability level with having a ring on their stick is derived from that player’s confidence. In considering what elements actually make up this confidence we have developed framework to build confidence in all aspects of ring control, passing and shooting. We have broken this down into 4 areas which all have real game applications at their foundation.

Movement with the Ring How many times in a game do you as a parent/coach either verbally say or internally think…”MOVE YOUR FEET” when a player gets the ring on their stick? During the course of a game being able to automatically receive the ring and get your feet moving has several benefits. Foot movement makes a player harder to check while also creating openings for passing/shooting options

Shot Choice/Release –BE THE RING…what your eyes see and what the ring sees certainly will be different. Our vision drives us to focus on what is closest to us (the goalie) and blurs the background (net) unless we are trained or consciously do the opposite. Players must train to see the mesh and not the goalie. With an understanding of these concepts, the ability to quickly get shots to the net and using proper release can quickly aid in goal production.

Small Areas – Much of the game of ringette happens in small areas If you were to look up ring possession statistics and compare those to winning percentage statistics you should not be surprised to find out there is a pretty clear correlation. Winning the small area battles and scrums doesn’t only benefit a team in the offensive zone but negates opponent’s opportunities in the defensive zone as well. Being able to think fast, protect the ring, make simple plays to safe areas and be aware of your teammates support is easy in theory. With the addition of the opposing team putting pressure on the ring carrier means being able to make good decisions in small areas is a skill only learned through proper controlled repetition and coaching.

Cause and Effect – Using all the above knowledge we can then grow each players game awareness and help them understand where openings often are on ice as well as how they can create openings. Whether this be staying on the defensive side of ring to make yourself a pass option in your defensive zone, battling in any area on the ice or pushing off the crease to the slot to get open for a one timer. Passing in motion, timing, presenting a target, reading flow of game, passing in transition, Give and go’s, lateral passes leading your target are just a few focus areas that we have incorporated depending on age and ability.

 If you want opportunities to skate with the ring, make plays, win battles or score a goal you must understand how to get that ring on your stick as well and have the confidence once you do get the ring.

Off-Ice Ringette Specific Workouts
The camp will also have ringette specific off-ice training. The age appropriate training hour will focus on isolating ringette specific muscles and energy systems—zeroing in on how off ice training can directly correlate to on ice training.
Team Building, Leadership & Goal Setting

Players will work with each other to understand leadership, team work, and goal setting. Goal setting will cover short term goals, modest goals and long term goals for both hockey and outside of the rink. Each player regardless of their long term ringette goals will in their lives require both team work and leadership skills. We will use games and activities for the players develop skills for working with their teammates and others.

For any inquires or questions please contact evan@nextgeneration-hky.com