Stick handling and Scoring Clinic 

Kanata/Stittsville • CHDC • 145 Iber Road

When: February 24, March 24th
Who: All players are permitted

Specific Dates and Times

Saturday, February 24
8:00am to 10:00am

Saturday, March 24
8:00am to 10:00am

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Cost: $74.98
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Overview:  PUCKS, PUCKS and more PUCKS! 

Proper technique for shooting and stickhandling will be reinforced to improve upon each player’s efficiency and overall effectiveness with the puck. The program will be broken down into three main areas:

Stick handlingA player’s ability to handle the puck in all situations dictates their ability to make plays within a game. We will expose players to different puck carrying based scenarios; placing a large emphasis on small area movements, deceptiveness with the puck, puck protection, handling the puck in traffic and understanding the cause/effect these movements can have in creating additional time and space. The small area ice surface at CHDC provides the perfect environment to promote the teaching of these skills

Shooting—Reinforcing proper technique and refining shooting strategies to create more opportunities will be in the forefront of this area. Players will be introduced to tactics and techniques to help improve accuracy, release and power output while being educated on how these techniques can be applied

Game Application—Knowing the techniques that go into executing a skill is great… but how does that apply in a game? Our coaches will place an emphasis on not only educating players on how to perform a skill but also how it can be applied in a game

Please click HERE to read a detailed description of our puck oriented program philosophies.

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