As many have already assumed, the traditional summer programming we offer, will not be possible for the SUMMER of 2020. 

CURRENT REGISTRATIONS & REFUNDS: For those of you that have signed up for summer camps we have initiated the process for refund and are working with our e-commerce provider to help facilitate this as quick as possible. This volume of refunds will require some additional modifications to our account and we are hoping to have this resolved soon. Right now we do not have a specific date we expect to be able to begin refunds, but be sure this is important to us and will begin as soon as possible.  Once all refunds have been processed we will reach out to notify the group of this action being completed.

OUR UPDATED SUMMER 2020 PROGRAMMING: Under the present guidelines of Ottawa Public Health we have decided to offer development classes only in exchange for the traditional camp like setting. Development classes will be 1 hour blocks of ice training time only. Each block will be permitted to accommodate 9 players plus our 1 coach based on present guidelines. Should you wish to have a smaller group size, you are welcome to do so, however the below outlined rates will not differ.

FORMAT FOR BOOKING: As previously mentioned we will be offering 1 hour long training blocks. Each training block will be a single purchase for 9 athletes of which the group will be organized by purchaser. To simplify… a block of time & put together the players to train in your block of time. This helps to limit crossover of players, as well as give people additional piece of mind when being around others they are most familiar with.

With the restrictions being fluid, you can expect that the ice blocks may also be the same in regards to capacities. We will make adjustments as we learn of any changes.

ICE AVAILABILITY: We presently have access to ice at multiple facilities across the city and are solidifying as fast as we can. Our primary ice allocation will be day time, with more ice to be added as demand grows. In order to level the playing field for all people looking to book training times with us for the summer, we are going to model our allocations similar to the city does with opening registration on a specific date/time. This date is TBD, however you should plan for no later than Wednesday, July 3rd

The ice that will be available on July 3rd will be for all ice times starting July 6th - July 31st. As soon as ice is available for August we will again undergo the same process for those training blocks.

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO NOW: Looking ahead to our training block release date of approx. July 3rd. You should begin reaching out to your contacts and gauging interest for your training groups. Training groups DO NOT have to be the same each day, but it will be best to gauge the ideal dates/times your group will like to commit to. We anticipate an overwhelming frenzy when we release the ice times to our ENTIRE DATABASE.

All booked training block will NOT be returnable but should you for one reason or another be unable to use a block we will advertise it as ‘open’ for another user to assume.

*note that should capacities increase the ice block may be divided to allow for 2 separate groups on the ice at one time.

**you are booking a full sheet presently, however this may be adjusted to only be a half sheet of ice in the future would the province allow

HOW TO BOOK on release date: 

1. You will be required to login OR set up an account for our online booking platform.


2. Once logged in you will have access to see our available training packages located in the drop down menu, middle of screen as you scroll down.

3. You will first need to purchase your specific number of training blocks and complete that transaction.You will then automatically have those added to your account and you can begin booking your dates/times.

4. On the left hand side of the screen you will find a series of dropdown menus. You will first select your training type(COVID on ice training), then select your arena location.

5. The availability calendar will appear where you can start picking your dates, and then times there after. 

6. When it asks you to identify your ‘athlete’ for this training session, please just input one athletes name. At booking we do not yet need the specific players who will attend your training block.

7. Complete your purchase and repeat for additional dates.

PROJECTED COSTS: Presently we are basing our rates on final ice costs. Currently your training group can expect a single block of training time to be $550/hour + HST

PRIOR TO EACH TRAINING SESSION:  No less than 24 hours prior to your training block we will require a complete list of all 9 athletes that will be taking part. This list can be emailed to Should you not submit your list, the arena may deny your group entry and there will be no refund for the block of time in this case.

Should you need assistance we are able to help you at, however inquiries should stick to troubleshooting and not be used for other ‘asks’