Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to commonly asked questions by parents...and players. Of course, these are just a few. If your question here is not answered, don't hesitate to contact us.

Who is it for?

We have a wide range of skills and abilities who train with us. The ability to adjust speeds and angles quickly specific to each player allows us to work with the youngest beginners all the way through the elite ranks of NHL players. Inclusive to this we have a very loyal following of RINGETTE players of all ages.

Want to try it for FREE?

We offer first time users the opportunity to try our skating treadmill FREE. In order to truly understand the benefits to their fullest we like to show parents how the training works while allowing the players to experience it for themselves.

How do I book?
All of our booking our done online through our website.
How to Add a FREE Trial or Package:
  1. Click or copy this link
  2. Set Up a user account
  3. Select the FREE trial from the drop down menu(if you are a first time user)
  4. Complete that purchase to have the package added to your account
How to book your appointment(s):
  1. Log into your user account
  2. On the left from the drop down menu select your training type
  3. Select your Location
  4. Select your preferred date and then time
  5. Verify that the account menu has the appropriate package selected from the drop down
  6. Click CONTINUE at bottom of page to finalize booking

How many players are on the treadmill at once?
We allow up to 4 players to book in every hour and the players work on a 1:3 work to rest ratio, which simulates the game.
Do I need to get my skates sharpened after every treadmill session?
Skating on the treadmill for one hour is equivalent to skating on ice for 2 hours so it is not necessary to sharpen skates after every treadmill session.
We do recommend having your skates NOT be dull when training on the treadmill as well.
How do I cancel an appointment?
  1. Log into your user account
  2. Scroll to bottom of page and reference FUTURE APPOINTMENTS
  3. Click CANCEL
  4. Confirm cancellation
If for any reason you need to cancel outside of the regular 72 hours prior to your appointment pleaser email
What are the hours of operation?

We are open weeknights Monday thru Friday and are open weekend days. 

Current hours of operation click HERE

What equipment do players bring for the BLADE skating treadmill sessions?

Players should bring their full “bottom half” of hockey gear. This includes jock/jill, shin pads, socks, hockey pants and hockey skates. It is also recommended that players bring their a hockey stick and gloves to the session.

Can friends or siblings share packages?

Our pricing is set up based on each athlete requiring their own training packages. We can assist in organizing teams and groups to help reduce costs.

With each situation having different variables we ask that you contact to discuss your options.

Can teams & associations book sessions?

Yes! Please visit our BLADE TREADMILL TEAM & ASSOCIATION page by clicking HERE

How many BLADE skating treadmill locations does NEXT GENERATION HKY have?

We currently have two locations:

1. Kanata/Stittsville, CHDC, 145 Iber Road

Google not found location by address.

2. Nepean, Ben Franklin Dome, 191 Knoxdale Road 

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Is it a real treadmill?

In theory the BLADE treadmill functions in a similar fashion as the running treadmills you may be more familiar with. The BLADE however is approximately 10X bigger, synthetic ice on a rotating slat belt instead of a running surface, allowing for a smooth and easy transition that feels exactly like gliding on ice. The athlete wears a lightweight harness that attaches to the frame surrounding the treadmill surface, allowing the skater to exit on and off the treadmill easily and safely.

Why train on a skating treadmill over regular ice?

Ice time, especially in Ottawa, is relatively expensive, and often, hard to find. The BLADE training is suited for any age/skill of hockey or ringette player. Any athlete that is looking to improve their stride or make it more effective, along with improving endurance and overall hockey skills, the skating treadmill allows for a controlled atmosphere where trainers and coaches can easily communicate with skaters.

This allows them to provide that necessary instruction, evaluation and feedback - via verbal feedback from instructors, and visual feedback from the 6x8 mirror and high speed cameras.

What sets us apart from all others?

The state of the art Blade skating treadmill is of course what we have built our training centre around however it is just one the many benefits we have for our players.

We are now able to create the FEELING of proper stride for your player(s).  With the use of four live video feeds, all from different angles, a large 6’ x 8’ mirror, and one-2-one coaching, we can now engage multiple senses for players.  The video allows players to see their true movement while the coaches encourage them into proper technique.  This allows the players to recognize the FEELING of proper stride, rather than just knowing what it looks like or try to interpret only by how a coach explains it.

The evolution of learning the FEELING of proper stride to that FEELING turning into a natural habit has accelerated player’s development multiple times over when compared to simply on-ice training.