We are working hard on finalizing our 2019-2020 Holiday & New Years Camp. This year we are giving it a fresh look with plenty of new flexible options for all families.  To be added to our newsletter to receive automatic updates please notify evan@nextgeneration-hky.com.

Holiday Camps

Stittsville • Complete Hockey Development Centre • 145 Iber Road

When:  December 27 - 28      2 Day Camp
           January 2 - 4              3 Day Camp 
Who: All players are permitted

Dates and Times

8:45am - 4:00pm Daily

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Cost:  2-day and 3-day options available. See below for pricing break down.
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The Next Generation HKY training facility is a one stop shop for players who are looking to get a little more out of there hockey season. Through the use of all the resources at our disposal, this camp will cover all aspects of a player’s game and is like nothing ever offered in Ottawa before. 
Treadmill—Efficient, Explosive Skating
It is no secret that a player’s ability to skate plays a large role in determining how effective of a player they are. The ability to win foot races leads to more puck possessions and therefore more opportunities and success for both players and teams. The treadmill allows us to isolate and correct every element of the player’s stride—while the four high speed cameras give instant feedback for each player. This allows players to relate the coach’s teaching points while visually seeing themselves training on our 55” TVs and 6x8 mirror. Increasing DPS (Distance per stride), stride extension, stride recovery, arm swing, foot speed and edgework are all elements that will be covered in the treadmill training sessions each day.
On-Ice—Puck Confidence
With the treadmill allowing us to focus on the players skating—the on-ice portion of the camp will focus primarily on puck skills. Handling the puck in tight, handling the puck at high speeds, passing, shooting, shot selection and movement with the puck are just some of the areas this camp will cover. For further information on some of our puck based teaching focuses please visit the Puck Confidence page located on our website.
Off-Ice--Hockey Specific Workouts
The camp will also have hockey specific off-ice training. The age appropriate training hour will focus on isolating hockey specific muscles and energy systems—zeroing in on how off ice training can directly correlate to on ice training.
Team Building, Leadership & Goal Setting
Players will work with each other to understand leadership, team work, and goal setting. Goal setting will cover short term goals, modest goals and long term goals for both hockey and outside of the rink. Each player regardless of their long term hockey goals will in their lives require both team work and leadership skills. We will use games and activities for the players develop skills for working with their teammates and others.

For any inquires or questions please contact evan@nextgeneration-hky.com​​​​​​​


  • 2-Day Camps $189 (Dec 27-28)
  • 3-Day Camp $280 (Jan 2 - 4)

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