In partnership with the town of Arnprior we are excited to offer a March Break camp, March 16th to 20th at the Nick Smith Arena!

March Break Camps

Who: All players are permitted
Cost: $285.00 

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Dates and Times

8:45am - 4:00pm Daily

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On-Ice—Puck Confidence
With the treadmill allowing us to focus on the players skating—the on-ice portion of the camp will focus primarily on puck skills. Handling the puck in tight, handling the puck at high speeds, passing, shooting, shot selection and movement with the puck are just some of the areas this camp will cover. For further information on some of our puck based teaching focuses please visit the Puck Confidence page located on our website.
Off-Ice--Hockey Specific Workouts
The camp will also have hockey specific off-ice training. The age appropriate training hour will focus on isolating hockey specific muscles and energy systems—zeroing in on how off ice training can directly correlate to on ice training.
Team Building, Leadership & Goal Setting
Players will work with each other to understand leadership, team work, and goal setting. Goal setting will cover short term goals, modest goals and long term goals for both hockey and outside of the rink. Each player regardless of their long term hockey goals will in their lives require both team work and leadership skills. We will use games and activities for the players develop skills for working with their teammates and others.

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