Kanata Week-Long Camp 3  

Kanata •  Bell Sensplex

When: August 17 - 21
Who: All players are permitted

Afternoon Program Times and Dates

August 19 • 1:00pm - 5:00pm
August 20 • 1:00pm - 5:00pm
August 21 • 1:00pm - 5:00pm
August 22 • 1:00pm - 5:00pm
August 23 • 1:00pm - 5:00pm

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Cost: $299
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With the season in the not to distant future we will be pushing the kids to knock the rust off before their tryouts or seasons begin. We are aware that many will be starting tryouts soon after the program so we will keep them moving each day but taper the intensity as the week progresses in an effort to have them fresh for their upcoming tryouts. 

Camp Features:
Top Notch Skating Dynamics - Skating Efficiency

Power skating will be designed around taking the students out of their comfort zones and pushing them to become a more efficient and powerful skater. We will go back to basics and teach all the tools for amping up each students skating the their true potential. It will include lessons on forward and backwards stride, starts, stopping, power turns, lateral mobility and an overall emphasis on DPS (Distance Per Stride) for all aspects of skating. Pucks will be incorporated to reinforce good skating habits while handling a puck. Players can expect a progressive learning curve to a plateau of perfect technique and efficiency. For a complete picture of our SKATING EFFICIENCY Program please click HERE.

Building Confidence in Game-Type Situations

We will break down the individual skills each student needs to gain confidence for the finer points of the game. We will put pucks on the kids sticks and push them to become more confident and more creative in game situations. They should expect to learn the proper methods of stick handling, shooting, passing and how to better use the ice to their advantage in game situations. We will start off slow to ensure proper technique and as the students progress we will get their feet moving to incorporate the skating dynamics with their new found confidence to make these skills permanent. 3-on-3 and small game scrimmages will also be used to give each student the chance to hone their skills in quick reaction type situation. For a complete picture of our PUCK CONFIDENCE Program please click HERE.

Battle and Small-Area Games

Players will be put in several situation throughout the training where they will learn to receive, give and use contact appropriately and effectively to their advantage. Drills specific to contact, angling, puck separation and strategy will be used and I GUARANTEE regardless of their experience with contact previously each player will come out more confident and prepared for their upcoming season. Each player will be taught these skills appropriate to their age and skill at all times, with younger players focus being on angles and safety when using their stick and body position to gain the puck from an opponent.

Off Ice Training

Hockey specific Off Ice training exercises to develop quick feet, leg strength, soft/creative hands, shooting accuracy, aerobic capacity, endurance and to prevent injury. Circuit Training & Plyometrics

Team Building, Leadership & Goal Setting

Players will work with each other to understand leadership, team work, and goal setting. Goal setting will cover short term goals, modest goals and long term goals for both hockey and outside of the rink. Each player regardless of their long term hockey goals will in their lives require both team work and leadership skills. We will use games and activities for the players develop skills for working with their teammates and others.

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